A mode of dress and deportment.

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word modesty? 

Maybe we think “that’s not for me”, or we have heard about it, but it does not really call our attention. 

Well, let me tell you are in for a treat! In today´s fashion world, the declared modest style movement is rising fast, defining trends, making a statement, and giving empowerment to women when we dress up in a modest way. 

Modesty is much more than just covering up. Modesty is an attitude. It is how we walk, how we talk, and how we conduct ourselves in our environment. It lets us show our inner selves, taking us more seriously, and revealing a beauty so fascinating it can surprise us. Looking or dressing differently reflects your individuality, it means who you really are internally. 

A woman should always feel comfortable with herself, and by doing so she gets the possibility to achieving true happiness. Being self-confident makes you beautiful and it brings out that spark you have inside. 

By embracing the covered look, you state yourself part of a wonderful group of females, one whose members do not just dress for others, but for your own self. For those who appreciate the true meaning of modesty, and who are sophisticated enough to understand that choosing out of conventional beauty standards determines for its own kind of renovated fashion.

Give yourself a chance to rise above and stock up now while the selection is striking and bountiful!

And remember, lasting beauty combines outside and inside.

Rosy Hanono