Our Brand

We truly believe that with clothes we can make a statement and they are a great way to tell our story. Gato recato is a Panama based fashion brand, creating unique, sophisticated, modest designs. Gato Recato is a brand that let’s your clothing reflect your true essence, with no ‘big reveal’ required. catering to a sense of fashionable modesty – but most importantly choice – never compromising style. Every piece in our collection is a tribute to the essencial strength behind every woman, designed with much attention to detail, creating timeless pieces with a panamenian flair.

Tenemos ideales claros, y nos encanta!

Our  cat

Our cat

is delicate and sneaky on her movements, she loves art and nature, she’s versatile, ironic and loves eccentricism. She’s authentic and imposes herself with clear standards and modest guidelines, but don’t worry she’ll never bore you because she’s fearless and feminine. Through her way of thinking, walking and dressing she puts all of her efforts into empowering women to feel special, confident and sophisticated in their lifestyles. because women are changing the world by following their hearts and living their dreams. Join our pack while on this tropical journey of latin flair, lush flowers and sophisticated silhouettes.


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