La Soirée collection was created around the idea of celebrating FRIENDSHIP. We all can agree that gathering with friends for brunch will uplift “your day, your month or even your year” (classic). We hope that this collection will make you feel loved, special, sophisticated but never boring. Created with attention to detail, light fabrics, summery colors, and unique cuts. If wearing it will give you a fun, classy, sophisticated feel, while wearing a modest brand, we’ll be more than satisfied. Mission accomplished! So, Cheers to gatherings that you'll laugh until your belly hurts, memories that will last a lifetime, for friends that turned into family and never ending SOIRÉES.



We truly believe that with clothes we can make a statement and they are a great way to tell our story. Gato recato is a Panama based fashion brand, creating unique, sophisticated, modest designs.

Gato Recato is a brand that let's your clothing reflect your true essence, with no ‘big reveal’ required. catering to a sense of fashionable modesty – but most importantly choice – never compromising style. Every piece in our  collection is a tribute to the essential strength behind every woman, designed with much attention to detail, creating timeless pieces with a panamenian flair.